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Our goal is to ease the distress of recruiting. First hand, we know that this process can be overwhelming, confusing, and stressful. The heart of this company is to provide reasonably priced, and personable recruiting services for Northwest athletes.

Our Mission

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Welcome to our NW Sports Recruiting page!


My name is Jeff Covalt, I am the founder Northwest Sports Recruiting. I have been coaching baseball and softball for 15 years, and I currently work as an assistant coach with Clackamas Community College softball. The bulk of my time was spent with the Northwest Vandals Fastpitch--our team earned top 10 finishing spots in PGF, and runner up in the Colorado Sparkler Platinum bracket, among many other tournament accomplishments. 


Through the journey of helping establish that program, and watching our team grow, I became immersed in the world of recruiting in both high school and junior college. Over the years, I have worked in the recruiting of athletes of all levels of collegiate sports--ranging from Junior college, NAIA, NCAA D3, D2, and D1. Our connections are primarily, but not limited to, the Western United States. 


With both of my kids either graduated or still competing in college, I started this company with a desire to support the next generation of baseball and softball players in finding their home. I want to help provide you with the tools, data, and connections to thrive in this process. 

We are a personal company; we offer more than just an internet recruiting platform. 

About Us

What we do

The most basic services we provide involve recruiting video compilation and editing. Having a quality video that showcases your skillset and highlights your personal strengths is crucial to the success of your recruiting process. 

With recruiting, similar to a job application, you have a short window to demonstrate your assets (that's where the video comes in). Our services include either you sending us film, or scheduling a time/location for us to record for you with our equipment. (More details are listed below in "Our Services"). 


Our team compiles the clips into a condensed video which you can attach to emails to your desired schools/coaches. This allows a coach to not only put you on their radar for potential recruits, but allows them to preview your skillset. 

Our goal is to help you maximize your "window" with a personalized video, but if you need further guidance and assistance with where to start, contact us for more information on personal representation. 

Services we provide 

Video Camera Lens

recruiting video editing

You send us the film, we compile and edit a single video for you to use and send to coaches. 

Film Clapboard

recruiting video management

We come to your location with our equipment, and gather film and data for your recruiting video that we will provide you. 

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Softball recruiting service

This includes our video/editing services and us as your personal representative. We promote your athlete. 

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